Colour Box Studio Pop-Up

Let’s just say I’ve had my share of Pop-Up disappointment. I’ve travelled considerable distances, searching for hard-to find locations, politely muscling my way through the crowds as I squeeze past a determined throng, inching my way  towards a scrap of Florence Broadhurst fabric.

But when my friend Shalini  discovered Colour Box Studio, everything changed.  Pop-Ups are fantastic, especially when you live five minutes from one…

Director Amie Bataibasi (crafter, filmmaker) wanted to create a space for local artists to show their work, but also encourage anyone with a desire to create and collaborate.

Stocking local, hand made craft of a high standard, Colour Box Studio  also runs workshops out the back. One sunny Saturday afternoon, Shalini and I and about five other women took part in a felt-brooch class. It was so lovely, just kicking back, chatting and making stuff. Shalini made a beautiful cloud (with blue blanket stitch) and this is what I came up with:

Colour Box Studio – 236 Nicholson Street, Footscray. You won’t be disappointed.

PS: Shalini has just started selling her beautifully made crochet rose rings at Colour Box, just one more reason to visit.


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