A Month of A to Z

If you’ve been reading Just B or Meet Me At Mikes you’ll know that Pip is taking part in A Month of A to Z. Great idea, but in my typical style, I’m falling a little behind. Luckily the interweb is basically a time machine, so I plan to catch up … now.

1st December – A is for Apple


I know, clothes for fruit does seem a little over the top, but once you start making these apple cosies the featured on the first Mollie Makes, you’ll understand the madness. And it’s not like completely silly – in fact it’s practical. No one likes to eat a bruised apple. I might even whip a few up as stocking fillers. You can find the pattern here.

2nd December – B is for Bear


Emma and I went to Craft Hatch last week and Jess from Teddy Bears Wednesday happened to be there selling her extraordinary hand-made bears.  I picked this one up to take a closer look and couldn’t quite let go. He’s even cuter in person.

3rd December – C is for Christmas


The house is officially tinselled – the tree is up and lights are twinkling.

4th December – D is for Dog

photo copy

This dog in particular. Toby is what I call a Diamond Dog. He’s basically the best, most loyal creature you can imagine. Good dog.

5th December – E is for Eating


Cherries, strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes, all shiny and sweet.

6 December – F is for Funny


Took this photo down Apollo Bay.

Caption: While Tom and Joan enjoyed their cup of tea, Reginald started the engine, checked his rear-vision mirror and began the adventure of a life time.


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