Miss Gloss and co.



I’ve always loved taking photos, nothing fancy, just snaps. I got my first camera when I was about six. It was plastic, didn’t work, but I don’t recall minding too much. I’d pretend to take photos and the button made the right kind of sound. These days, between my iphone and my camera, I’m drowning in pictures. I’ve tried to wrangle them into some kind of order on my laptop, transfer them to the ipad, save them on countless little chips, put them in boxes, some in albums, but they’ve become as disposable as tissues. Now I’ve become ruthless and I’m  alarmed and how trigger happy my delete finger has become.

Then I found these photographs at Camberwell Market. I think I paid $6.00 for the packet. I can’t really explain why I felt compelled to by someone else’s memories, but I really wanted them. The more I looked at the sepia shots, the more I wondered about who these people were.

The images look like they were taken in the 1930s, but where this beach is, I have no idea. The packet was originally from a shop in Ballarat addressed to a Miss Gloss. What a great name. I love the one of the legs sticking up out of the sea and the simple shots of the waves. I bet they had a wonderful day.

I suspect Miss Gloss could never have imagined that these photos would end up on a contraption called the internet…for all the world to see. I hope she’s okay with that…




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