photoDid you see that? No, me either. This happens a lot to me. People point out things enthusiastically, and for whatever reason, I never seem to catch them. “I missed it”, is the usual refrain. This is especially true of shooting stars. I’ve never seen one, ever.

I don’t like to think of myself as being unobservant, but clearly I’m not seeing the whole picture, so lately I’ve been on the lookout for those little things, and I think it might be working.

I usually go for a walk each morning, so that was the time I decided to stay engaged, look up, look down, left, right – then I saw it. A tiny ceramic plaque stuck to a stone wall under a bridge. The maker/artist, all round clever person had sculptured the face of a small dog and carefully written Tomarctus “Father of Dogs” in tiny print.

Random, unexpected, seen.


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